My Music
A Friend I Know

My soul has a special place to store my doubts and fears,
A quiet place to be alone with my pain and my tears.
But God has the master key to unlock the secret door,
His presence there comforts me, He holds me, I'm secure.

Chorus: I know my Father, I feel His power.
I will trust Him with my life each and every hour.
Many times I'm mystified by His mercy and His grace.
I'm humbled as I realize the sacrifice He's made.

Frustration and confusion, both words I know well.
Daily I am battling challenges so real.
On my own I'd crumble and surrender to this fight.
But my loving Father supplies me with His might.

When storms begin to rage and the wild winds they blow,
I run to my special place and a friend that I know.
Patiently He sits and waits with His big and steady arms,
To comfort His frightened child from emotions of alarm.

Friends and foe can't comprehend this faith I now proclaim.
The transformations in my life since my heart to God I gave.
I'm hoping and I'm praying that in my life they'll see,
A trace of Jesus Christ my Lord shining through me.